Running around Bethlehem


Leaving for Reading

I’m off to run the Pagoda Pacer’s Shiver by the River 10K in Reading.  This is race #1 of 4 in their 22nd annual winter run series.

Call me crazy, but I really enjoy running in the cold.  Probably because I started running in [dreary] Erie in wintertime in 2005.  This works out well considering my weekend runs will be getting longer and longer during the winter.  I’m following the Higdon plan still and I’m adding about a mile a week.  Not extraordinary, but considering I’m rebounding from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and being 10 pounds overweight as a result of inactivity, well…yeah…I’m not going crazy and getting myself re-injured.  So I’m fixing injuries through better footwear and form and I’ve lost 4 of 10 pounds through watching my daily intake and working out (running and Stronglifts 5x5).  In a couple days it will be time to take a monthly progress photo.  I credit any improvements in body composition to mainly the eating and weightlifting :)  

Also, I snagged a pair of North Face compression spandex from Aardvark in downtown Bethlehem and they rock.  They’re not bulky at all and keep you extremely warm.  So I’ll be wearing them today so I don’t shiver…by the river. Hey-O!

Alright, time to drive to Reading.